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Police patrol work and the use of information technology

Police patrol work and the use of information technology.

Time schedule
2020 - 2021

Prof. dr. Wouter Stol (NHL Stenden / Police Academy / Open University), dr. Litska Strikwerda (Open University), dr. Wendy Schreurs (Police Academy), Saskia Westers, MSc (NHL Stenden)


Main research question
How does the use of digital information by police officers affect police patrol work?

Police patrol work will be observed (by systematic social observation) in three basic teams of the Dutch police (in the cities of Amsterdam, Groningen and Wageningen). This will result in a picture of contemporary police patrol work and information use. The main question is how digital information (from the police or others) is being used by police officers and with what result. The situation of 2020-2021 will be compared with the situation in 2003-2005 and in 1991-1995, when the same method was used in the same cities.
Due to the corona crisis the study might be altered.

Politie & Wetenschap (Police & Science Foundation)